Dyn Tywydd / Gohebydd / Cynhyrchydd Weatherman / Reporter / Producer



Steffan Griffiths MSc, 28, is one of the main faces of S4C Weather in Wales, UK. In his seven years at S4C, Steffan has gained both live and pre-record experience presenting across TV, digital and Radio. He has reported on environmental stories from across Wales and beyond for the daily magazine show HENO, and produced and presented 5 documentaries, one of which led to an RTS Cymru Award nomination in 2020 in the Arts and Current affairs cateogry.

Prior to his time in Television, Steffan gained a Masters degree in Glaciology, acquiring valuable knowledge and experience of the Physical environment in some of the most pristine places on earth. Field-work, and since filming, has led Steffan around the world including the Southern Alps of New Zealand, European Alps and the Himalayas.

Steffan also regularly participates in after dinner speaking and does school visits hoping to inspire the next generation of meteorologists! 


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